The Door to Death

So it started

originalJust how much social responsibility is enough? Maybe train ourselves to close the tap while brushing the teeth?  Or maybe a hybrid car will do? Or maybe even eco-terrorism can be justified from a certain point of view? How far into the future do we think when we talk about environment?

I watched a documentary on the nuclear waste disposal about an year ago and could not just put it out of my mind since then. It’s called “Into Eternity. A Film for the Future”, by Michael Madsen.  Apparently a spent nuclear fuel repository is being constructed in a place called Onkalo, in Finland. Once finished in 2020 all the nuclear waste from all over the world for another 100 years (up to 2120) will be deposited there and sealed for 100 000 years. This is how long the waist remains toxic.

The questions pressed in the film remained mainly unanswered.  And…

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