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imagesVietnam is one of the five remaining countries in the world where the government still tries to convince its population that people will work as much as they can and earn as much as they need, staying super happy about that (communism in a nutshell). They still keep the corpse of the “Great Leader”, Uncle Ho on a display in Hanoi, and after the decline of communism in Russia they even were able to attract Russian qualified out of-job-experts to take care of it.

You still can find people in Vietnam who think Ho Chi Minh was a blessing for their country just the same as Ho_Chi_Minh_Mausoleum_2006some Russians (including current president) claim that Stalin was a great leader.

But mostly Vietnamese just live their lives and try to make it better –like the rest of us. The thing is that for them making life better is a bit harder with…

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